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The Marisapeer Method aims to create outstanding and successful hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, coaches and counsellors.

Today, I am a Marisa Peer Master Practitioner, but my journey began by chance; in-fact whilst facing, head on, my limiting belief that I couldn’t climb the telegraph pole before me and jump from the top.  Beside me was Marisa, sharing doubt in equal measure.  However, we both overcame our fears, with a literal leap of faith, and went on to complete a record breaking walk of fire.  That was the spark that ignited by desire to learn more from Marisa.

That was 21 years ago, whilst running a successful London based PR agency and at the time, managing PR for Tony Robbins, American motivational guru.  With vast experience, spanning many years, I have come to understand human behaviour whilst working with corporate clients, such as British Airways Air Miles, and alongside some of the world’s foremost development coaches, Robert Holden, Edward de Bono and Brandon Bays to name but a few.

Notwithstanding my experience and knowledge, self-doubt was still prevalent in my world, both in terms of self and monetary terms.  Surely I would be spiritually punished for higher earnings? Became a recurring question for me.  My inner beliefs were at battle with the knowledge that I had gleaned from my studies in hypnosis with Paul McKenna and NLP training with Richard Bandler; indeed as a qualified NLP trainer, “physician heal thyself” I hear you say.

Following that fortuitous meeting with Marisa, one session was all it took; she taught me how to have faith in balance, to overcome my fears and obstacles.

I am privileged to have been one of Marisa’s first graduates, and I am now able to share my experience with those seeking help with both psychological and physical challenges.  My personal life experience enables me to empathise with those that face difficulties as a result of a highly driven lifestyle; with men who face a daily internal battle, whose outward appearances mask their internal chaos and who long to regain control over physical or mental issues that are becoming detrimental to their well-being.  For women looking to achieve a life balance, but finding their lifestyle and daily routine incompatible with their goals; and for those seeking freedom from pain and a desire for balance and happiness to return again, I specialise in achieving these goals quickly, successfully and invariably in one session, but seldomly more than two.

Whilst based in Lowdham, East Nottingham and London, I am available to a worldwide client base, via Skype and Go To Meeting.  As an MPM Master Practitioner, my method of rapid transformational therapy is proven and offered by only a handful of Master Practitioners around the world.  For those seeking help with diet and eating issues, I am a certified Marisa Peer Weight Loss Practitioner.


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My areas of expertise include:

  • relationships (attracting and sustaining love)
  • physical well-being
  • mental well-being
  • confidence/self-esteem/depression/anxiety
  • sexual issues/infertility/conception & birth
  • addictions/fears & phobias
  • public speaking & peak performance

What my clients say…

“Hi Rosalyn.  Seemed like a great time to get back to you about the results. I’ve got to say it’s been rather incredible. I’ve literally had no need for the medication or help in any way. Absolutely incredible change. It almost seems impossible how much of a difference the session made. Straight away from getting back after holidays I had no need at all for the pills. For a while my girlfriend didn’t even believe I had stopped taking them! Thank you so much! Made such a massive change to my life. I feel like a new person!”*

Ben E. Nottingham UK*

*Individual results may vary and cannot be guaranteed.